If you came across this and you get offended by what I’ve written here, you can’t hold that against me because (1) starting Oct 10 I’ve changed/omitted names and (2) this blog is 100% unpublicized. I’ve done nothing to advertise or invite people to read about me talk about things that happen to put people in a bad light (but like Taylor Swift says, you shouldn’t do bad things) because (3) this is literally a diary, only it’s online because my law-student hands are always too tired to write things down, and so I’m figuring out my life like this. Okay? Okay.
the bad week that comes after being happy
posted on 2021-03-05 5:37 p.m. by Vanessa
I forced balanced today. I had a shortage of 5,360 in the morning, but thankfully I was able to find them. 5000 and 360. But then later in the day, as we were about to close, I got short by 10 pesos. And I just could not, for the life of me, find it. But I had so little transactions so I could swear I just gave out too much change. If that’s the case then I am safe. It won’t come back to bite me in the butt. But if I made a wrong deposit, then I am doomed. I deeply regret what I did, and yet I am praying for a miracle.

I put in two 5-peso coins. It just feels like it's getting worse and worse. I've found out that the new supervisor truly *does* hate me, so now I'm just trying my best to keep my head low and ignore her. So basically that's why I did what I did. Because I feel like it would tick her off if I declared the shortage. Well, that's the reason I forged signatures at work, too. Because of the old supervisor who hated me. And look where that got me. I've checked the transactions, I didn't have discrepancies that the system could catch. And a 10 peso coin is too insignificant for the depositor to mind having in her bag. The worst thing to happen is the client comes back, says that I deposited the wrong amount. Then I'll say my till was balanced... oh my goodness. I have to check the amounts all over again. But it was all right!!! Because the change that the client wrote on the deposit slips were the same as the amounts I calculated. Before lunch, I had two 10-peso coins. When I had the discrepancy I had one. My overthinking... it's 300 miles an hour.

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