If you came across this and you get offended by what I’ve written here, you can’t hold that against me because (1) starting Oct 10 I’ve changed/omitted names and (2) this blog is 100% unpublicized. I’ve done nothing to advertise or invite people to read about me talk about things that happen to put people in a bad light (but like Taylor Swift says, you shouldn’t do bad things) because (3) this is literally a diary, only it’s online because my law-student hands are always too tired to write things down, and so I’m figuring out my life like this. Okay? Okay.
posted on 2021-08-06 10:10 p.m. by Vanessa
two days ago, I almost had a shortage of PHP 450. and three of the same error-corrections in one day. the next day, my manager and supervisor at work let me know that i've made 73 error-corrections since the start of the year. so, on average, that's 10 error-corrections per month. crazy. and so since yesterday i've left my phone out of reach while i worked. and i've been trying to focus more. i had yet another close call again today though. so my head's still not in the game, it's still flying. i feel like an idiot.

i miss being in touch with people even while i'm at work but... i'm supposed to be working. i'm not supposed to be at anybody outside work's beck and call. it'll take a while to get used to, but this is the right thing to do. lol i wish it was as easy as stowing my phone away and not making any mistakes ever, but no. i've been at this for close to five years now... i can do my job with my eyes closed, but... not without mistakes. sigh. you can do this, self.

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