If you came across this and you get offended by what I’ve written here, you can’t hold that against me because (1) starting Oct 10 I’ve changed/omitted names and (2) this blog is 100% unpublicized. I’ve done nothing to advertise or invite people to read about me talk about things that happen to put people in a bad light (but like Taylor Swift says, you shouldn’t do bad things) because (3) this is literally a diary, only it’s online because my law-student hands are always too tired to write things down, and so I’m figuring out my life like this. Okay? Okay.
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posted on 2010-07-14 8:33 p.m. by Vanessa


I'm twenty years old!
I'm a law student, and
I'm a pacifist. When I don't find arguing to be worth it, I don't argue.
My interests include reading and indie love songs.

There is an unmistakable vibe independent people give off, an enviable confidence that allows them to eat alone and sit alone and hang out at a coffee shop alone without looking pathetic.
I need everything to be organized. All the time.

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